We have certified and professional therapists so we provide all type of massage services. Here is list of some common massage types that we provide at our massage clinic:

1. Therapeutic Massage:
This type of massage is used to heal issues that are related with tissues. If you are feeling depressed, emotional or your blood circulation is not well then therapeutic massage service will heal you from all type of these issues. It makes your blood circulation well and provides you relief from tissue pain that you feel while working. However depended on your health issues, we have variety of therapeutic massage that includes Chinese massage, Swedish massage, Tui Na, Acupuncture and Cupping.

2. Hot Stone Massage:
Those persons that work hard, their tissues performance becomes slow down. With passage of time, they feel pain in their tissues and hence they need to cure this pain if they want to perform well. For such kind of people, we have Hot Stone Massage Service where hot stones are used to cure their tissues. Heat of stones is dipped deeper in body and warms tissues. Hence, tissues become better to perform well and you will be cured from pain that you feel.

3. Acupuncture Massage:
Acupuncture massage has been a kind of medicine that is being used over thousands of years. It is best technique of massage that provides mental health and energy. It is all based of Qi that is a type of energy that flows in body. Our professional therapists are well known of making flow of Qi in your body. They use their hands and fingers to make your Qi functional so that you can have relief from your pain and stress and you may start your life with new energy.

4. Cupping:
Cupping is a technique where cups are put on patient’s body that created a vacuum on skin. This vacuum can heal swelling and issues. This technique is also used to reduce depression and makes flowing of Qi better. We have certified therapists that know very well to use best technique of cupping to make you
Heal better.

5. Electrical Stimulation:
It is other form of Acupuncture where needles are placed on body of patient and electromagnet current is placed on needles. This current is delivered to micro tissues to provide them more energy to perform better. Our qualified and experienced therapists make sure that you will never have to face a little of pain. Therefore, needles are placed in such way that you feel relaxed.

6. Dispensing Chinese Herbal Medicine:
Chinese herbal formulas are applied to cure root of health issue. Whether you are stressed or you feel muscular pain, we have herbal formulas to cure you. These formulas are implied under supervision of our certified Acupuncture therapist that makes sure accuracy of formula. These formulas can be applied with combination of Acupuncture massage or even single one. We always use medicine formulas that are made in USA to assure 100% accuracy of to heal you.

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