Patient Testimonials

Bruised Tailbone:

“Recently I suffered a bruised tailbone while building a deck. A friend at my gym referred me to Dr. Ling Zhao for acupuncture which I had never used before. One treatment of massage, cupping, and acupuncture took care of my injury! Literally, I was blown away on how well it worked. I have been a professional boxer for over 18 years, and have used lots of massage therapy before, but Dr. Ling Zhao’s massages are the best I’ve had before. I will go see her before I go to my own doctor!” -Brooke W.

A Good Acupuncturist ,A Real Keeper:

“I recently went to see doctor Ling Zhao because I was experiencing some lower back pains. As a writer, I sit at my desk for very long periods. It became more and more difficult to do so. Her knowledge of the body is very impressive. Within the first two 1 1/2 hour acupuncture treatments, I felt a tremendous amount of relief. By the fourth treatment my range of motions was better, I could easily sit for longer periods of time and I could go back to my yoga routine!  Doctor Zhao is a very dedicated and compassionate acupuncturist. She has my full support and trust. While in her care, I felt in very good hands. Winnipeg needs good acupuncturists that focus on YOU getting better. She is a very fine doctor, a real keeper!”  -France A.

Many Thanks to You!

“ I’ve always been skeptical of anything other than recognized scientific based medicine, including such practices as chiropractics, naturopathy, and homeopathy. In the last five or six years, however, I’ve been suffering from a number of ailments that traditional western medicine hasn’t been able to satisfactorily resolve. Since starting employment in a school five years ago, I found that I would catch a cold or the flu every time a child sneezed or coughed and on average I’d be sick once a month. At roughly the same time, I was diagnosed as having a hypothyroid and I found that my energy levels were seriously lowered. Lack of a good night’s sleep has been a problem for me after having been a shift worker for most of my life and since hitting menopause. I spoke with a friend one day about acupuncture and found that she was a patient of Dr. Zhao’s. She mentioned that she and her family members see Dr. Zhao on a regular basis and were very happy with her treatments for a number of ailments. After doing a bit of online research, I decided to give acupuncture a try. Today completes my seventh visit to Dr. Zhao and I haven’t felt this well in years! I’ve been getting much better night sleeps, even better than taking medication prescribed by a doctor. My energy levels have improved greatly and I have energy to do things after work…instead of coming home and flopping down on the couch in front of a television. And most importantly, since starting treatments with Dr. Zhao two months ago, I haven’t been sick once with a cold or the flu. This week, there has been a higher than normal incidence of the flu and colds among the children and staff at the elementary school where I work. While I felt slightly off for a couple of days, I have succeeded in overcoming the virus. I found Dr. Zhao to be gentle and kind and very conscientious. She listens carefully to me and does her very best to deal with my medical issues. I’ve recommended her to several friends and would highly recommend her to anyone who is contemplating acupuncture treatment. Thank you, Dr. Zhao!  ”
-Pam R.

Great Experiences!

Seeing Ling has been such a great experience. She is very knowledgeable, kind, and is able to work out all the kinks and pains. I have seen Ling for pain in my shoulder that she has been able to work out for me, but also after a difficult loss. I just needed to relax and be cared for. She was so kind and compassionate and the massage I received was rejuvenating. Not just to my body but to my soul. She is excellent at what she does and the Chinese medicine she has used on me has been very helpful. I would highly recommend her and I do!

-Katie S.

Pain Free treatments!

I am a nurse and am also very active in sports, ie. swimming, cycling, class exercises (yoga/palates). I had to curb all my activity because of a torn rotator cuff and lumbar back issues. I find Ling to be professional, empathetic and VERY through in her initial assessment and in her approach to my ongoing treatment. I am impressed with the various modalities of treatment Ling uses in my care, ie. massage, acupuncture with low intensity electricity, heat and cupping…all in an hour! Ling shares her knowledge of Chinese medicine with me freely, which because of my profession in the humanities I find fascinating. Ling is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, caring and kind…everything you can ask for in a health care professional! I always look forward to seeing Ling, because I know that when I leave her clinic…I leave pain free and can back to being my active self.

Robin, KP.